Reliable payment gateway for eCommerce businesses in Ghana

[ad_1] With a payment gateway for eCommerce businesses and internet penetration rate of more than 52% which is 16 million internet users, Ghana is trying to adapt to the changes happening in online business around the world. The government of Ghana improves financial and telecommunication services and many investors are investing in this country due […]

8 ways to make money online at your own comfort zone

[ad_1] Do you want to make money without leaving your home? ways in making money online Any commercial action, including selling, buying and advertising carried online can be known as online business. Running an online business means, the business owner conducts some or all of their operations online. Anyone at all can start an online […]

How social media assist in the life of a business person

[ad_1] how social media affects business lives Can a business person function without social media? The short answer is yes, a businessperson can run their operations without social media. However, I’m discussing about the benefits social media can offer to a businessperson. What is social media one may ask, Websites and programs that emphasize collaboration, […]

What is an IP address? (Also How To Protect Yours)

[ad_1] What does IP stand for? what is an IP address? An internet-connected device is identified by its Internet Protocol (IP) address, which is a special code.IP addresses can be found on a variety of devices, including laptops, smartphones, desktop computers, and routers. Local computer networks also have distinctive IP addresses of their own. An […]

What’s the difference between graphic design and web design?

[ad_1] web and graphic design differences. Define graphic design. An idea is presented through the use of graphics, images, and typography in graphic design, which focuses on communication. Although they tend to work in the print sector, graphic designers can also be found in the digital sector where they can assist with a variety of […]

Shopify and WordPress,which is better?

[ad_1] Many businesses ask themselves this topic, so I’ll go into detail about it in this post. After reading this comparison, you need to know a lot more about which platform will work best for your company’s needs (and what the best alternatives to both platforms are). Let’s begin with a crucial question. What is […]

Why a mobile friendly website is important.

[ad_1] Most of us are aware that more people than ever before are using a variety of gadgets to access the internet. It is no longer prudent to presume that a visitor to your company’s website will be using a traditional desktop or laptop computer; there is a significant possibility she will be using a […]

Benefits of Blogging for Small Businesses.

[ad_1] There has never been a better time for businesses to incorporate blogging into their marketing plan given that there are currently close to 4 billion individuals using the internet worldwide. Blogging helps you establish trust with potential clients while also promoting your goods and services and increasing website traffic. Most likely, if you own […]

How to Write a Blog Post on WordPress.

[ad_1] For many reasons, WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms.The simplicity of use is one of them. Getting some basic hosting, setting up a WordPress blog, adding a theme and a few plugins, and getting started are all fairly simple processes. A fully featured blog may be set up and running in […]

How to post a product on a wordpress ecommerce platform.

[ad_1] Ecommerce products. It’s important to start by adding products to your online store. By adding them, you offer all the details needed for a product page. It is simple to add products using e-commerce platforms and website builders because they all offer a “Add New Product” button that launches a wizard and walks you […]