Data Science

Data science involves principles, processes, and techniques for understanding phenomena via the (automated) analysis of data. In this book, we will view the ultimate goal of data science as improving decision-making, as this generally is of direct interest to business.

Learn Php in 24hrs or less

PHP is an excellent scripting language. It can help you create robust websites and web applications. If you want to be an effective PHP user in just 24 hours, read this book carefully.

Social Commerce

Social computing interrelates with social consumers. Many experts have found that the Social Web is transforming peo- ple’s individual and group behaviors as well as the power structure in corporations and marketplaces. This change is very rapid and significant, so we can classify it as a revolution.

Content Marketing

That’s what marketers of all stripes—from tiny, family businesses to multinational conglomerates—are achieving though creating and disseminating content through digital channels: websites, social media networks, blogs, video-sharing sites, newsletters, and more.

WordPress SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is the process webmasters go through to encourage the search engines to rank their pages higher in the search results. Typically it involves working on the site itself. This is called on-site SEO, but it also involves working at site promotion, and that is what’s known as off-site SEO.

SEO Checklist

Before we start the checklist, I thought it would be a good idea to explain what it is that Google actually want. You can read their guidelines for yourself, here:

Introducing SEO

SEO is not a cost but an investment that imparts results in the long term. You cannot expect a miracle to happen overnight—it takes weeks or even months to reach the top-of-the-results chart. There is no fixed way to accomplish this; however, a combination of several methods can help you achieve higher rankings in a calculative (and not manipulative) way.

Building your online Store with wordpress and woocommerce

Online store. Online payments. Mobile commerce. Chances are if you are reading this book, you are interested in finding out how to implement one or all of these on your website. All of these play a crucial role within e-commerce, but why should you care about them? What impact will these have on you and your business? Everything if you want to stay in business and continue to grow your business’s brand. One of the terms mentioned above probably motivated you to purchase this book.

500 Social Media Marketing Tips

Peer pressure, success stories in the media and general hype tell today’s business owners that having a presence on social media is essential. That’s not to say a business couldn’t do well without utilizing social networking, but they’d certainly be missing out on a myriad of opportunities to build and grow.