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How to get an affordable web design service in Ghana

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  1. Search for your preferred Domain Name
  2. Get a hosting plan
  3. Get a website designer or developer
  4. Get the website to understand what you need the website for.
  5. Decide on the design style or template you want
  6. Get your logo, Font style and Photos right
  7. Review your website very well after completion
  8. Start earning on your website

1. Search for A Domain Name: Searching for a domain name is the most important step of getting a website for your business. If you have already settled on your business name, the domain name must be same as your business name. Make sure you settle on a name that will standout and will be easy to be identified. The name should be catchy and easy to be noticed by your prospective customers. If you are searching for a domain for a company, go for .com, if organization – go for .org, if it is a network or internet related service, go for .net, if it’s an Artificial Intelligence service, go for .ai. Domain registration duration starts from 1yr upwards.

2. Get A Hosting Plan: After deciding on the domain, the next step is to get a hosting plan based on the scope of your website. A website like Facebook which has more 20Million visitors in a day should have a large hosting space. Facebook has a facility in California that houses a chunk number of servers needed to power their website and App. If you are building a website for your small business you do not need a large number of space. Since you’re on a smaller budget, you need a smaller hosting space as a starter and extend as your grow your business. This is cost-effective and smart decision to make as an new entrepreneur.

3. Get A Website Designer: In Ghana, it is almost impossible getting honest and reliable web designers. Searching the right one may take you days, months or years. Since most designers are mostly inefficient with their timing and delivery, it is important to look out for an agency or firm that runs their website design project journey on a milestone payment basis. MOH Digital is one of the few website companies that offers such a service.

Secondly, it is vital to understand the entire process and the duration before you commit on payments. Ask more questions, and make sure you find a lot of answers before you proceed on making your initial deposit.

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